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  • The #1 Most Effective Marketing Technique for Business Development
  • 19 LIVE Role Playing Sessions that Tell You EXACTLY What to Say to Succeed
  • 20 of the Best Questions for Taking Job Specifications.
  • 10 Things to Do to Close Placements with Solid Job Offers
  • 10 Techniques for Finding and Winning Recruiting Contracts
  • 3 Fabulous Strategies for Getting Retained Recruiting Fees
  • 12 Methods for Making More Money and Improving Your Results
  • 20 Trial Closing Questions for Qualifying Job Orders and Offers
  • 5 Powerful Tips for Making Money Online with Shared Placements
  • The #1 Explanation on How to Effectively Source New Job Candidates
  • 7 Techniques on How to Build Positive Relationships with Employers

Recruiting & Staffing Contracts

Our Recruiter Training Package includes a Complete Set of Recruiting & Staffing Fee Agreements that can be used to conduct business with employers and staffing firms.

Training Course FEatures:

One-to-One Business Coaching 

We also provide one-to-one mentoring and business coaching for businesses that are new to the recruiting and staffing industry.  Get the right strategic direction for your business goals.

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With over 20 years of experience in the recruiting and staffing industry, we know how to effectively train new recruiters and staffing agencies how to achieve success.

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